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Driving Test

Are you ready to test your knowledge about driving? Whether you are a first-time driver, renewing your driver license, or a new state resident, we at iDrive Hand Over Hand Driving School LLC want to insure you have the proper knowledge of road regulations with our bilingual driving and traffic school.

To be considered to obtain a license, you must take an exam that determines whether you’ll get or keep your license. To make sure you pass your exam, you should to take some drivers ed classes. We offer both a teen driving school for new drivers and an adult driving school for those who need to test for their license in a new state.

Our local driving school program is developed and designed to give you the basic understanding of the kinds of questions that you will be asked upon taking your driving exam. This involves classroom lessons that go over the various rules of the road. We also include behind the wheel training and driver's ed where one of our certified instructors will observe your defensive driving techniques and help you gain real driving experience.

Those who need to take a driving test can do so here at iDrive Hand Over Hand Driving School LLC in Raleigh, NC. Contact our driving school today to and enrolle in our defensive driving course!