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Driving Lessons

From the newest to the oldest drivers, there are always areas to improve. In fact, some road regulations could have changed since your last driver’s ed class. With the help of our driving school, you can get driving lessons to catch up on all changes.

Licensed and highly educated, iDrive Hand Over Hand Driving School LLC helps those of all ages to safely enter the road ahead of them. Our guarantee is that you will learn defensive driving and become a good driver for a lifetime. You do not want to be improperly trained at another location and be dangerously unprepared on the road.

We also do behind the wheel training, which allows you to experience first-hand what driving on the road would be like. Our driving instructor excels at making a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, so you won’t feel the stress behind the wheel. For more information on our driving classes, contact iDrive Hand Over Hand Driving School LLC in Raleigh, NC today!